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Program Details
  • You must have contact with prospective client first
  • All communication with prospective client must be honest
  • You can't make any claims to stock performance (e.g. price and/or volume changes)
  • You cannot have any insider connection to prospective client company
  • You earn 20% of gross contract amount
  • Paid to you after services fully delivered to client
  • Paid by wire or check
  • You are protected, SEC required disclosure proves agreement and contract amount
Targeted IR Referral Program

You can earn a LOT of money by bringing us mobile casinos companies who contract Targeted IR for paid investor relations services. You earn 20% of the fees paid to us by companies you've contacted and told about our services. Earn between $1000 and $5000 or more for each referral!
Partnerships and Careers

If you are looking for a more long term relationship, consider entering into a casino bonus online mutually beneficial partnership or exciting career in investor relations with Targeted IR. Read more about the opportunities available here
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