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The creation and marketing of powerful website sales pages is the most effective way to get investors to invest in your company or to bring them into your IR email mailing list.

Carefully written and well designed sales pages present your company in a unique way that brings in sales. Sales in this instance means buying stock of your company or subscriptions to your IR newsletter.

On the marketing end, the greatest feature of these sales pages are the introduction of internet affiliates. For no fee, these affiliate marketers advertise your company and provide you with free emails even when no sale occurs. Our friends at Clickbank and other affiliate networks use thousands of available affiliates to sell your service.

Targeted IR can design and create sales pages for your company and help you bring in investors. Contact us today to talk about getting your own sales page.

Micro Cap Education Sites
Our network consists of investor relations sales pages and non-ir sales pages. These powerful sites attract active penny stock investors who eagerly sign up for the free email newsletter and those most persuaded purchase the fee-based subscriptions.

Hundreds of Clickbank affiliates promote these sites at no cost providing us with all the free emails and offering them a generous cut of all subscription purchases.

Investor Relations Sales Pages:

Non-IR Sales Pages:

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There are over 25,000 free signups and 2600+ paid subscribers with an open rate between 20-30% weekly.

The Targeted IR Network

Additional Advertising Channels:

Newsletter Following

Targeted IR has amassed a strong following of active, interested penny stock investors. There are now more than 250,000 free signup emails and 26,000 paid subscriber emails in our database. These investors know our brands, open up our newsletters are extraordinary rates (between 20-30% on average each week) and trade the stocks we recommend. Using our efficient and effective sales page websites, we reign in the most active online penny stock investors. That's the difference between an investor list with no brand and our lists and our results.
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