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What is Casino Chips?

A small disk Called as Casino Chip that is used to play at the casino and replacing a certain amount of cash. Typically the chips have a circular shape, i.e. the shape of a disc. However, the casino can apply special chips - so-called clad (plates). They are rectangular in shape and the value is ranging from 25 thousand dollars. Know more about rectangular chips at Unibet.

Usually, at casino chips are called as tokens or chips. Chips are made of clay or clay composition mainly made of ABS plastic and are used in board games such as poker, roulette, and others. Metal chips are used when playing slots in the casino.

In all real casino chips using the standard required. They went into use for many reasons. First, the chips are much more convenient to paper money, and secondly, they allow you to quickly calculate the amount of rates and payments, in the third, chips allow the security services to check your winnings and help to fight the casino scams .

Get in casino chips on hand is very simple. You come into the casino and looking for cash. You just buy them for cash or bank transfer. However, it should be remembered that the chips are equated to money only in one casino, that is, the chips from another casino you bought for money is not exchanged. However, in some Las Vegas casinos do so.

Casino chips are an integral part of the game, which only adds to the excitement. Any attempt to replace the chips on any alternative will be failed. Some casinos just released collectible copies of sets of chips that come complete with two decks of cards. All of these collectible cards and chips contain a logo of the casino. They are placed in a special case. The cost of this collector's set can be up to $ 50,000. But still there are some people who are willing to pay a fortune for a copy to your collection. Many of these collectors to go to the collectors club, which was established in the United States in 1988 and enjoys great popularity among gamblers.

Now, as for the nominal value of chips . It is assumed that the same denomination of casino chips should be strictly defined with color.

$ 1 - white chips, light gray or bluish

$ 5 - red chips

$ 10 - Blue chips

$ 25 - green chips

$ 50 - dark blue or purple color chips

$ 100 - black chips

$ 500 - magenta chips

$ 1,000 - orange chips

Usually casinos use chips from a composite of clay with metal insert-plate. The weight of such chips - 11.5 g., Diameter - 40 mm.

Much less commonly used ceramic chips or casino chips with a different diameter.
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