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Mahjong Online

Mahjong is a very interesting board game that can offer players a very nice experience. The game originates from China and it is based on tiles. It can be played in most occasion by 4 players, however there are a few version that requires 3 players.

One of the things that makes this game very interesting is that it's not based entirely on luck, in addition to that you also need to have skills, make calculation, see into the future and adopt the right strategy. The rules of the game are rather simple, however in order to be able to master it you will need a lot of practice and time.

Sign up now here and start playing mahjong and don't forget to have fun.

As we mentioned before the game is based on tiles and there will be 144 of them available and they will be based on different characters from China. Each of the players will begin by receiving a set of 13 tiles on their board and in turns they need to discard their tiles up until there are no more left. The game comes in many variations but in most cases the main rules will stay the same and the variation will come thanks to a small rule that could change the game completely in some cases.

The game has been around for hundreds of years and even if there is a rich history behind it's still considered to be a game which is hard to play. There are many options and many strategies that you can apply while playing Mahjong.

When you start playing this game you need to make sure that you use the tiles that are available to you in order to remove the other tiles from the board and at the same time to expose the ones that used to be blocked. The main scope of the game is to clear the whole board.

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